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Let our G-CHING options, Switch on your finance today!


G-CREDIT / Payroll loans

Do you want to increase employee satisfaction, employee retention and ultimate employee financial health? Give you employees a value-added benefit that will do that and more!       G-CHING! Globify offers the employer the ability to provide their employees with the additional finance they need, at affordable rates, without using the company’s capital, now that’s a win!

If you are interested in our Value – Added benefit for your employees, click on the link below and we will contact you for a meeting!

G-CASH / Private loans

At Globify, we pride ourselves in Fingertip finance, quick access to additional finance when you need it! Our aim is to give you the credit you deserve as quickly as possible at the absolute best rate! G-CHING! Globify also assists with financial planning and budgeting, to ensure you reach ultimate financial health.



Globify aims to invest back into society by providing employers with a portion of the deduction bill, G-CHING! They may then use this, for their employees training and education. We believe that through education, we can reduce financial stress and increase employee health, retention, and productivity!



A big part of becoming financially secure is having the opportunity to build your own business and determine your own wealth! Globify now offers that opportunity, G-CHING! Become a Globify Agent, provide us with leads, and get a portion of the deal in your pocket! G-CASH!

If this interests you and you would like to become a part of G-BIZZ and become a Globify agent, then please click on the link below and submit the necessary information today!

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Do you have potential clients that need your services but cannot afford it? Sign up with G-WALLET today! G-WALLET gives You the ability to push your products to your clients by giving them Credit facilities to increase your sales.
G-WALLET will give your potential clients the finance they need to pay for your services and then pay Globify back over a timeframe that will work with their affordability.